Birth Parent Letter

Dear Birth Parents,
We truly feel that the Lord has a plan for all of us. And regardless of whether or not we are the adoptive parents you choose for your child, we have confidence in knowing that whichever couple you choose, you will know that your child will be loved deeply throughout his or her life, and that you will find a loving home that is best for your child, and the adoptive family.  
When I think of you reading this, I have three wishes. I wish for your happiness, health and hope. Happiness: My experience with cancer showed me that life doesn’t always go how I would have wanted it to go. However, I do have control of how I approach my life and my attitude. I strive for happiness in the days I am given. I wish for your desire to find joy and happiness in your situation. I wish for you find people who are positive and good that can support you and love you and help you be happy. If that means having good conversations or going to funny movies or reading good books, I wish for your happiness. Health: I value good health more than ever. I wish for good health during your pregnancy and that you are well taken care of. I hope that your body can carry the baby, and I recognize that you will have all sorts of days that may be uncomfortable, or tiring, and many nights that are sleepless. Please know that I am wishing for your optimum health during this time. Hope: I wish for your ability to have hope. Hope for your future. Hope in the ability to accomplish the things your heart desires. I wish for your hope in making the right decision for your baby, that you will be giving an opportunity to this child that will allow them to reach their potential all the while being loved for, cared for, and provided for.
Paige and James

Fight against Cancer started in 2004

Fight against Cancer started in 2004
James and Paige battled Paige's breast cancer together.

Our experience with breast cancer.

We want to be straight forward and honest about why we can not have biological children. Just after our second wedding anniversary I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. The day of my diagnosis, I clearly remember the biggest ache that I felt in my heart was not for me, but rather for the uncertainty of what it would mean for us in our desire to have a family. My cancer is estrogen receptor positive, which basically means that the estrogen hormone causes the cancer to grow. Estrogen levels increase during pregnancy, and it would have been a much more difficult and sensitive treatment if I would have been pregnant at the time of diagnosis. In retrospect we see the blessing of not being pregnant even though at the time that was all we wanted. We were advised by our doctor to put our baby plans on hold. I underwent surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy and I responded great to an anti-estrogen medication. Then after 3 years of no cancer, I talked with my doctor who said that we could try to get pregnant, which was all we wanted…again. I stopped taking the anti-estrogen medication, and after almost a year of not becoming pregnant, we discovered that the cancer had returned. So I am back on medication, and my ovaries were removed to stop most of the production of estrogen. The good news is that I respond well to the medication, and we can treat it so that I can live my day to day life that is minimally impacted by the cancer. My doctor has informed me that I can live for a long time, and that my life is not threatened to be shortened. The big impact has been our desire for a family of our own. We still have the desire for a family of our own; we just need a little extra help.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We love to travel.

BOSTON:  This is a delicious pastry shop that sold to die for cannoli's.
GERMANY:  With James's Mother at Neushwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany.
ZION NATIONAL PARK, UTAH:  Hiking to emerald pools.

Other Hobbies

This summer we made it to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  We love following the Red Sox, and see them play against the Mariners every year in Seattle.
We try to get out and ski at least once a year.  We enjoy being outside, any season!
We like to go on bike rides together.  We both have road bikes and we started following the Tour De France together.  In 2005, we watched the Tour De France in France, and got this Picture of Lance in the Yellow Jersey.  It was pretty awesome to see it up close.
After the Tour De France Stage that we saw, we saw this bike being taken away, and it was the Bike that Lance Armstrong rode on during that stage of the race.  Lance Armstrong is an inspiration to both of us, and we are happy to share the same sport.
This is James playing golf in Oregon.  We do golf together, but I couldn't find a picture of us on my computer.  Golf is a great sport for both of us, because we spend time outdoors in beautiful settings, and we don't compete against each other, instead we are cheering each other on.

James's Family

This is some of James's family in a during a family Reunion in Seattle.  We went to a Mariners game, and this is the group that stayed until the end.
These are James's Parents and all the grand kids on his side of the family.  We went on a tour called "Ride the Ducks"
This is James's Family Celebrating his mother's 70th Birthday. From left to right back row:  James's brother Steve, James, sister Kay, Nat, Brother Steve, Clark and brother John.  from left to right front row: Paige, James's mother Mary, father Richard, sister Chris, and Lara. You may have to double click on this photo to get a good look at everyone!  This is such a remarkable family, and they have shown us support and love and I feel fortunate to be an "in-law" to such a great bunch of people.
James's Parents Richard and Mary, served a legal mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Germany.  We visited them while they were serving there and this is a picture outside of Salzburg, Austria.  We took a tour of the salt mines.  This is an elevator down to the entrance of the mines.

Paige's Family

This is Paige's side of the Family.  From left to right back row: Paige, James, my mom, my dad, Jordan, my brother Jesse, my brother Reid, Mishel.  From left to right bottom row. Joss, Shawn, my Sister Karmen holding Jackson, my sister Caroline holding Charlee, Tricia holding Sophie.  I feel so fortunate to have a loving and supportive family.  We love spending time together, and doing things together always. Things like, fishing, camping, playing games, swimming in hot springs, golfing etc. There never is a dull moment when we get together.  I love my family like crazy!
This is a picture of all the girls of the family at my sister Caroline's wedding.  This is the back yard of where I grew up.
This is my sister Karmen, and me.  She shows me incredible support and love.  I talk with her on the phone at least one time a day.  There many days with many phone calls. We are 2.5 years apart in age, but she is the best sister a girl could ever have.  She is more than a sister and more than a friend.


Every year we take our dog up to some logging roads in the National forest, to find and chop down our own Christmas tree.  Paige has been doing this tradition every year since she was very small with her dad, and continues the tradition with James. The trees are a little "Charlie Brown" because they are so little and sparse.  But they are just what we like.
Another tradition is an annual Fly-fishing trip to Montana.  Paige, her Dad and her brothers taught James how to Fly fish, and now he can out fish Paige. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stanley. Our fuzzy black dog.

Stanley is our dog.  He has very good manners.  He stays off the carpet and furniture.  He doesn't lick faces, he doesn't beg for food.  After years of begging for a standard poodle, James finally relented and we got Stanley.  Luckily he has won both of us over. He is so much fun to have in our home.
Stanley helped supervise this path we put in our back yard.
James plays soccer with our dog.
He loves playing in the snow.
Stanley is pretty patient when I give him a hair cut.

This is our Home

We love our little home!